Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Kaleidoscopic Stampede

number 2 by Winston Chmielinski. Part of his Plastic End series.

Things that come to mind: Cataclysms. Light-fogged eyes. One sharp inhale followed by a soft, "Oh."

Chmielinski poeticized it best himself with this series description:
"DEATH wasn’t what happened; it was more of a transformation, from flesh to plastic, from something gruesome to a candy coated explosion. Where gasps were intentioned came only the silence of innocent awe. There I was, watching them fall and hit and ripple out in greens then blues then reds and purples...

Their faces were the first to disappear (or rather expand and contort like decorated birthday balloons). It seemed painless, comical even—their inflated frowns, smirks, and pursed lips stretched into exaggerated smiles, eyes grew wide with animé wonder and ears and noses turned caricatural—before all gave way to a mess of runny colors and viscous swirls.

I wonder how it feels; I wonder at what point the Plastic transformation occurs. Can Plastic really be the end? Is it that simple? And will the same happen to me?

Spotlights and nude patches and body shells. And the colors that fumbled over and squeezed past one another--where were they going? if I were to, with a trembling arm, reach out (eyes averted heart pounding) and run my fingers through the kaleidoscopic stampede, what would I feel, and how would it change me?"

Left click for mp3 download links.

Glynis by Smashing Pumpkins
Mount St. Helens by Mirah
Charlatan by Monster

Visit the artist's website, deviantART, then do yourself and your walls a favour by bringing home something stunning up from his print account.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, an unfairly talented orchestral indie/folk group based out of Indiana are simultaneously releasing their new albums Animal! and Not Animal** this Tuesday, October the 7th.

And, because they're hip to the power of internet publicity / are nice folks, they are inviting kids to pre-dig:

Head over to Margot's MySpace Page any time today or tomorrow and listen to Margot's new albums Animal! and Not Animal all the way through!"

So do it!

MySpace: Ka-
Website: Blammo

And also give your ears a treat with some older Margot tunes [left clicks for the links]:

Waking Up and Walking Out
Vampires in Blue Dresses

**I guess those first six songs are Animal! and the last six are Not Animal. But who really knows.


A lovely ladyfriend and I are hitting up the now sold out Wintersleep show at Barrymore's this Saturday.

This will be my fourth time seeing them, but my FIRST time seeing them as a show unto themselves... and my first 19+ show. Hollerrr.

Oh, and check out this bonus track from the Japanese release of Welcome to the Night Sky. It's addictive.

The Kids Are Ultra-Violent

I was hoping that Brian Borcherdt would open for the East Coast marvels at the Barrymore's show, given that he was the opener at last night's Toronto show. Alas, according to his his MySpace, it is not to be. Oh well. Dude's also releasing a new album next Tuesday, the 7th, called Coyotes, so here's a twin-named mp3 from the sooncoming release:



I forgot about my Wolfe Island Fest review... I know nobody's waiting with bated breath but it makes me feel productive when I take on a big review like that. So maybe I'll get it all done up over Thanksgiving weekend.

I know the anticipation is going to kill you.

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