Friday, August 15, 2008

Every Day is Getting Awesomer and Awesomer and Awesomer and Awesomer

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Even though there are only a measly two weeks left of summer, I'm trying to stay positive. So, until I stop being lazy and post my mix of songs to carry you through the rest of August, here are a few artists and songs that'll make you forget a case of the end-of-summer-sads, if you are in fact afflicted with the aforementioned condition.


All Summer Long

I just wish I'd found this song at the beginning of the July. It's perfect: "'Cause every day is getting awesomer and awesomer and awesomer and awesomer / And every night is getting awesomer and awesomer and awesomer and awesomer / And it'll keep on getting awesomer and awesomer and awesomer and awesomer all summer long."

[MySpace and Website]


Blue Eleanor
Both Falling Bright

This is infectious, excitable folk pop with horns, harmonicas and plenty of stamp-yer-foot acoustic guitar from the lead singer of Appleseed Cast. Makes me want to gather some friends and kazoos and tambourines and take a run through a forest. And that is a compliment.

[MySpace and Website where you can stream Early Morning Hymns in its rather pleasant entirety]


About to Walk
Written in Heart Signs, Faintly

About to Walk sounds like a long-lost Neutral Milk Hotel song with it's buzzy background drone, nasal voice and simple guitar/drums. And, in true NMH fashion, the simple parts work together to create a wonderful whole. I heard Written in Heart Signs, Faintly in Urban Outfitters yesterday and had to stop my woeful browsing [woeful because I am lacking in expendable clothes dollars] to chicken scratch a few lyrics down so I could find the song later, "I want to fall through the clouds to someplace where the kissing never ever stops / I want to spew little lightnings from my hands / so this shield that I got might explode." And it's really nice.

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Echo Train
Willow Tree

This hazy Albertan has it going on. I'm sure the shuffling, grunge-tinged Echo Train would gladly be covered by Pavement, while Willow Tree in all its gentle, dreamy, floaty, banjo-y, understated melodic glory should be played beneath a willow tree. Preferably beneath a willow tree that was alongside a slow river. Preferably beneath a willow tree that was alongside a slow river where Chad VanGaalen was holding an impromptu, late afternoon sit-down concert with members of Hidden Cameras providing some quietly lush orchestral background sounds and somebody was really nice and a really good cook and had brought along a picnic lunch with enough delicious food to feed the crowd of roughly twenty.

Or you could just creatively visualize it.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Million Miles to Go: Wanderlust

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Yesterday a creatively-frustrated friend remarked that it would be slightly incredible to be a musician full-time. And I replied that yes, it would be; the never-ending roadtrip, the meeting of [literally?] insane people, the playing of soul-fulfilling music with friends, the crashing on living room floors of half-friends and waking up the next morning to eat their unfamiliar food.

And uhm... did I mention the never-ending roadtrip part?

I have got a huge, galavanting case of wanderlust, and I haven't done nearly enough travelling this summer to remedy it. So instead, I've been listening to a recently rediscovered song that's doing nothing to help.

If anything, "Where Happiness Lives" just makes me more yearn-y for rolled down windows on the highway, with rushing wind that makes eardrums pop in an uncomfortable but totally necessary way, because rolled up windows are for chumps. And suckas. Foolish suckas.

Anyway. If you
a] are going on a long drive somewhere, or
b] are in the same, immobile boat as I am, then here's a song for both occasions.

Where Happiness Lives by Magnet

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Wolfe Island Music Fest 2008: LET'S GET INTRODUCT'D

Friends, Canadians, countrymen, lend your ears – not to me – but to the Wolfe Island Music Festival… 2008 style.

Quite possibly the most marvellous and musical days that Kingston has to offer are going down August 8th and 9th this year. A.K.A. real soon. So if you don’t have your ticket yet, head over to Brian’s Record Option or Windmill’s or some other building where the kindly people inside will sell you as many vomit-green tickets as your heart desires, assuming you’re buying a Saturday ticket. You can buy tickets at the gate on the day of the fest, though, if you’re just too damn busy.

ANYway, I thought it’d be nice to do an overview of the line-up, post some mp3’s and get myself and others acquainted with this MOST EXCELLENT bevy of musicians that shall be gracing the elegant Marysville Baseball Diamond in a few day’s time.

I present to you, in order, the line-up for the Saturday portion of the 2008 Wolfe Island Music Festival. [NOTE: Left click for mp3 links. And I'm feeling kind of lazy, so for the bands that had downloadable songs either on their MySpace or their website, I just linked to that and didn't put any mp3's in here. So there.]


Despite my most searchiest efforts, I came up with diddily crap. All I found were a bunch of MySpace profiles, Facebook pages and websites pertaining to the movie, P.S. I Love You. All very well and good. But not so good when I’m trying to find out what these cats sound like. I have a few predictions, though.

1] They'll be Canadian,
2] There will be instruments involved in their act,
3] They'll be human [?]
And who knows, maybe they’ll pull a Spiral Beach, come out of nowhere, and shoot everybody up with awesome bullets.


FROM: Kingston, ON
SOUNDS LIKE: Nasal-voiced, lo-fi, slightly electric pop ditties. As of right now I'm a little confused by Music Maul. I can't quite figure them out. It'll be interesting to see how their live show compares to the studio stuff.
MP3's: You can listen to and download both albums from the website.


FROM: Aurora, ON
SOUNDS LIKE: Sing-songy, boppy, happydancey songs with poppier tinges of Born Ruffians and Tokyo Police Club. [NOTE: The D'Urbervilles, who were set to perform in this time slot, had to pull out due to an illness in the band, just in case anyone's confused as to where these Ruby Coast kids came from. But for all I know, this is old news, and I'm just slow on the uptake.]
MP3's: More Than Television and Neighbourhood


FROM: Ottawa, ON
SOUNDS LIKE: Superbly melodic, wonderfully percussed slices of mellow, folk pie. The older tunes aren't as hand-clappy, multi-instrumental or as expansive as the newer ones, but honestly, you really cannot go wrong with these guys. I'm just surprised that they're on so early in the day. They're a pretty well-known band. But, I'll takes what I can gets.
MP3's: Crooked Legs and Blankets


FROM: Brooklyn, NY [WHAT?! A non-Canadian perfomer at the Wolfie fest? Isn't that like... sacreligious?]
SOUNDS LIKE: Easygoing, summer bluesy-rocky-folksy fare, well-suited to an easygoing, outdoor summer music festival. He's got a Ryan Adams thing to him, too, which is very cool. Plus, he's got a song on the upcoming Hottest State soundtrack. And that is a killer soundtrack. I think we're in for an enjoyable set.
MP3's: Come Around


FROM: Montreal, QU
SOUNDS LIKE: Road trip-worthy, big, happy, sixties/seventies rockness that I am hoping and thinking will set the stage on fire. Everybody will just eat this up. Plants and Animals have a really inviting sound that'll bring out the inner [or not so inner] hippie in all of us. I'm expecting to grin throughout the whole set. I'm expecting to feel a little restless and childish, in a good way. I'm expecting to see people spinning out in the field with their arms outstretched. I'm expecting lots of platonic love to be flowing around. I'm expecting good things, good times, and excellent stage banter.
MP3's: Bye Bye Bye and Feedback in the Field


FROM: Ontario
SOUNDS LIKE: Summer! Chill, laidback, very singable folk-pop-rock Americana [Canadiana?]. And he's part of that crazy Arts&Crafts label, so you know he's good. This will be awesome.
MP3's: Out of Time and Pavement Puddle Stars


FROM: Montreal, QU
SOUNDS LIKE: Really cool, hip stuff. Assuming the sun is down by this point, kids'll be dancing in really cool, hip ways. I just hope that Land of Talk don't take themselves too seriously or think they're too hot. I like their music, but that kind of pretentious stuff gets in the way of a band being awesome live. So, here's to hoping they're just really nice people who make cool songs. [And yay! The singular female performer! Unless there are one or two kicking around in the very mysterious P.S. I Love You...]
MP3's: Young Bridge and Street Wheels


FROM: Edmonton, AB
SOUNDS LIKE: Really fresh hip-hop that's weird and charismatic. I'm counting on a personality-packed performance. And while my friends and I are quite bummed that Holy Fuck doesn't have their seemingly annual slot in the line-up, I think Cadence Weapon is a pretty sweet replacement. We'll dance. There's some inventive electronic stuff going on here. So it's alllllll okay.
MP3's: In Search of the Youth Crew and Sharks


FROM: Halifax, NS
SOUNDS LIKE: A whole lot of dark-ish, macabre-ish, catchy, downtrodden, poetic, full-on rock powerhouses and softies. I haven't seen Wintersleep live for about two years now and I am stokeified to see how their Welcome to the Night Sky material has taken on new life since its release. What else... oh! Right. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
MP3's: Dead Letter & the Infinite Yes and Nerves Normal, Breath Normal

And there you have it, the 2008 line-up for the Wolfie fest. I'm super looking forward to hearing some awesome music, dancing around like a foo' with buddies, and hopefully seeing some new-to-the-festival-but-familiar faces. And that's from me until the epic review post.

Soooo... see you there?

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P.S. For more information, check out the official WIMF website.

Monday, August 4, 2008

You Go On Ahead for a Road Trip With Your STEREO!

Brand new, unreleased song from Sunset Rubdown. Played in the backseat of a moving cab somewhere in the UK. Left click for mp3's.

mp3: You Go On Ahead [Black Cab Session] by Sunset Rubdown
MySpace: Blam

This young female lady's name is Molly and she's the wittiest, prettiest, ukulele-ist chick you've eva seen or heard.

mp3: Road Trip by Molly aka sweetafton23
MySpace: Jam
Website: Tam
YouTube: Ram
Molly's Sing-A-Long Club: Wham [For rules and better explanation than I could give, go here]

Another backseat music sesh, but this time without instruments... or adults. This is a kids-only zone. Namely, rad kids in karate outfits singing, screaming, and staring off into space through a marvelous rendition of Pavement's "Stereo." I can only hope that if I bring a little critter or two into this world, they, too, will know the words to Pavement songs better than I do.

mp3: Stereo by Pavement
Website: Fram

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P.S. Thanks to Emily for ripping the audio for "You Go On Ahead" and "Road Trip."