Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Folkin' Morning

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This is a completely different feel than yesterday's post, but today I woke up and was in one of those phantom summer morning moods where I could lay in bed for hours, watching the soft light split itself into shafts through my blinds; where the oscillating fan at the end of my bed breathes through my thin August sheets; where the air is cool, but the scant layer of sweat across my forehead hints at a grass-burning, shimmering pavement kind of afternoon heat.

And on these mornings I always wish that I have a mix of quiet, lilting, mainly acoustic songs to accompany me as I waste time stretching and yawning languorously. So I made myself such a mix, to share with you.

Left clicks, sleepyheads.

Break of Dawn by The Wuffs
Pilgrim by The Long Goodbye
Place to Be by Nick Drake
Starting to Show by Jill Barber
At the Hop by Devendra Banhart
Keep it Clean by Camera Obscura
Rhythm by Page France
Star Mile by Joshua Radin
For the Widows in Paradise by Sufjan Stevens
Amory by Tom Brosseau

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