Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday! Here's Some Music!

The following bands have a few things in common: all the members are male, they all have some sort of retro sound to them and they are all somewhat underrated. These commonalities are purely coincidence, though... Enjoy!


They're young. They come from Portland, Oregon -- thus making them instantly ten percent more awesome than anyone else. I call it the Oregonian Advantage. They play uptempo summer anthems that alternately remind me of The Kooks and Narrator. They aren't doing anything new, but they're doing it very well.

Links: MySpace, official website, Frozen Frogs video
mp3's: High School Lovers, Go Wild and Frozen Frogs


They're not so young. They come from the UK -- thus making them from the UK. There are only two members. The drummer has no right hand, but is super badass about it and uses his lack-o'-hand in lieu of a drumstick. Upbeat and short happypunk stuff about saving whales and childhood dreams of punk-dom.

Links: MySpace, official website, Last .fm profile, videos
mp3's: I Used to Love the Punx, O Miranda and Rockin' Bat


They're not a band anymore. But I can't seem to find out exactly when they broke up... ANYway they CAME from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's shiny, retro, catchy, jangly, perfect & classic pop rock-y, melodic 60's fare. It's kinda cozy on the ears.

Links: CBC Radio 3 page, artist page, Friends You Learn to Hate video
mp3's: Same Old Life, Friends You Learn to Hate and Too Delightful


He's stationed out of the UK and New Zealand. Why leave New Zealand, I ask? Why not stay there forever and play this lovely, also retro, music on top of those pretty New Zealand mountains? Why not do a collaboration with Flight of the Conchords? It's gentle, it's genuine, it's real nice.

Links: MySpace, artist page, Talk About Good Times video
mp3's: Talk About Good Times, The Joke is in Your Hands and The Beautiful Young Crew

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Catbert said...

Um, Matt Murphy isn't Chris Murphy's brother, but it's a common misconception.

Alie said...

Boy is there egg on MY face. I thought I remembered Emily saying that at some point... ah well. Thanks for pointing that out!