Saturday, July 12, 2008

Acoustic Joys vs. Ramblin' Fruit

I'm talking, of course, about Sun-Rype's shinyhappy commercials. And it's all very cool because it's done in stop-motion.



Anyway, commercial one features a fruit-made girl on a fruit-made swing, set to "Sleepy Tigers" by Her Space Holiday. Commercial two features a fruit-made hermaphrodite tying his/her fruit-made shoes, soundtracked by [Canadian!] Said the Whale's "The Light is You."

Sleepy Tigers
The Light is You

And just to round out this post, I thought I'd share three more songs that I think would work well with this whole Sun-Rype motif.

Momentary Drowning by Young Coyotes
The Party Punch by Oh No! Oh My!
Me and You by Slow Club

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P.S. These things are amazing.


toothsoup said...

Hello, hello, hello,

We don't know each other, but I know your writing. Or, well, one piece of writing in particular. I left this comment on your piece 'Four Skies' way back in October of last year:

Since then I've become a (completely voluntary) prose editor for a sweet little e-zine called 'Soundzine', so I'm always on the lookout for good prose to feature. I remembered your piece completely randomly last week, read through it again, and loved it all over.

So I was wondering if it's at all possible that we might feature your work? We're completely non-profit, just all about recording good poetry and prose and getting it out there for people to listen to.

Soundzine is located at, my blog is, and my email address is phill {at} toothsoup {dot} com if you have any questions. Otherwise just a yea or nay here will suffice (:


Alie said...

Absolutely yea! I'm really sorry about the late comment, I just saw it today. Shame on me. THANK YOU!