Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome to the Pride

My name is Alie, and I am a chronic blog abandoner. I have come to terms with this and am now on the long road to recovery. The first step? Yr reading it.

This is: a music blog, an honest to blog blog and an et cetera blog.

But, instead of rambling on in increasingly fragmented sentences, I'd much rather just plug in a few downloadable, lion-related mp3's.

Left clicks, kids.

Lion's Mane by Iron & Wine
Lions by Headlights
Lion Rip by Duke Spirit
Sea Lion Woman by Feist

Thanks for stopping by,


Catbert said...

Oh man how I love Lion Rip by The Duke Spirit.

toothsoup said...

Would you believe that the other editors loved your story so much that they've decided that it will be shining on its own in the next issue of Soundzine? Well there you have it. Gets released within a week, I'll send you a link to the audio soon.

And welcome back (: