Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Million Miles to Go: Wanderlust

Image Credit: Derek Vincent of the website and the deviantART

Yesterday a creatively-frustrated friend remarked that it would be slightly incredible to be a musician full-time. And I replied that yes, it would be; the never-ending roadtrip, the meeting of [literally?] insane people, the playing of soul-fulfilling music with friends, the crashing on living room floors of half-friends and waking up the next morning to eat their unfamiliar food.

And uhm... did I mention the never-ending roadtrip part?

I have got a huge, galavanting case of wanderlust, and I haven't done nearly enough travelling this summer to remedy it. So instead, I've been listening to a recently rediscovered song that's doing nothing to help.

If anything, "Where Happiness Lives" just makes me more yearn-y for rolled down windows on the highway, with rushing wind that makes eardrums pop in an uncomfortable but totally necessary way, because rolled up windows are for chumps. And suckas. Foolish suckas.

Anyway. If you
a] are going on a long drive somewhere, or
b] are in the same, immobile boat as I am, then here's a song for both occasions.

Where Happiness Lives by Magnet

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