Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Like Close! Hah.



The new Regina Spektor album, Far, drops Tuesday, June 23rd.

You can check out her very Regina-esque blog post about the tracklisting and the album in general right here. OR you could skip the reading and just listen to the album's first single, "Laughing With", on her MySpace page. OR you could preserve your strength for greater feats [lion-taming? weeding your garden?] and just download her song on this very page:

Laughing With by Regina Spektor

For the most part I think this song is great. It's already stuck in my head and I only just learned about it and the new album less than an hour ago, thanks to a friend. I say for the most part because these lyrics are less crazy than usual, they're a bit too... easy? Is that the word I'm looking for? Maybe what I mean is that the lyrics are just very obvious and most of them could have been written by someone else with far less originality than the beloved miss Regina.

But! I still can't stop listening to it. It's very easy to hear. Which is alright for a single, but I certainly hope she delves into her eccentric brilliance on other songs.

To end on a positive note, there are some pretty promising titles i.e. "Eet", "Human of the Year", "Genius Next Door" and "One More Time With Feeling", so I'm optimistic.


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