Friday, January 9, 2009


This isn't the kind of music that will make you fall over yourself or make you mutter something under your breath like "Oh my god. This is fucking incredible." **

But. This is easy music; subtly catchy, quietly hummable and an ideal sonic accompaniment for anything casual. These songs are laid back like a mid-afternoon Sunday spent reading and wandering around your house to the rooms with the best sunlight. And sometimes that's all you really need from a band.

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Life Boat
Under the Knife
Bad Connection

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**Do you/have you ever done this when you're by yourself? When you see/hear/feel something so profoundly wonderful that you have to verbalize it? It doesn't even need to be profound, just something nice enough to make you say it out loud.

It happened to me today. I was heading down a stairwell, alone, after class and I passed [someone who I assumed was] a professor. He gave me this lovely, genuinely friendly smile and I returned it. Once I got up to the next flight of stars I said very quietly, but out loud, "He seems like a really nice guy."

I suppose that's kind of silly to do as I didn't really accomplish anything... But sometimes I just feel like I have to say it. So... Ever happened to you?

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