Saturday, January 17, 2009

Small, Soft Weather

Image Credit: ricetactics of deviantART

woke up to january gray clouds
leaning 'gainst my window

so i took you
took the car
took a drive

to the shoreline
with cold sand stickin' to our boots

as you squinted out and said,
"there's snow over the ocean today."

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Sons of Levi by Samamidon

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Anonymous said...

i see, judging by your most recently played tracks, you downloaded "The Sound of Beauty Breathing". I dig the blog, hope you don't mind if I keep reading. Enjoy Kary, and here's to more Wintersleep in the future ^_^

Alie said...

Well of course I don't mind if you keep reading. In fact I 100% UN-mind.

I haven't really dug in to the Kary album yet but I will be doing that very soon. Thanks so much for providing me with it!

Looking forward to seeing you around these here parts.