Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food for Fine-Feathered Friends


Anywho. I just felt like being moderately clever. I shall now proceed to explain what this silly title is all about. Y'see, a couple days ago I got a message from a nice production manager named Bruce, asking if I'd like to help with the word-of-mouth campaign for an upcoming album, to which I say would I LIKE TO?!

Needless to say I'm very excited because 1] this kind of makes this blog shtick seem a little bit legitimate? Maybe? Yes? but mostly because 2] I really, genuinely dig the sound of this really genuine band.

From the press release:

"Hungry Bird, the sixth full-length recording by indie rock semi-legends Clem Snide, will finally see the light of day on February 24th courtesy of 429 Records. Completed in the spring of 2006 it was produced by Clem Snide founder Eef Barzelay and recorded and mixed by Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Silver Jews—he also worked on the 2005 Clem Snide release "End of Love"). Throughout 2006, a series of painful and bitter breakups both within the band and with their longtime manager and booking agent occurred and the future of Clem Snide seemed uncertain at best. With the release of “Hungry Bird,” Barzelay is hoping to put an end to any and all rumors he may have started regarding the death of Clem Snide. In fact, come the spring of 2009, Eef and Clem Snide will valiantly attempt to bring these songs and other fan favorites to clubs and theatres all over Europe and the United States [...]

Hungry Bird features Eef Barzelay on vocals and guitar, Pete Fitzpatrick on guitar and banjo, Brendan Fitzpatrick on bass, Ben Martin on drums and percussion, Tony Hamel on piano, organ and accordion, Roy Agee on trombone and a special spoken word performance by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Franz Wright (on 'Encounter at 3AM')."

The tracklisting is as follows:

1] Me No
2] Born A Man
3] Hum
4] Burn the Light
5] Encounter at 3AM
6] The Endless Endings
7] Our Time Will Come
8] Beard of Bees
9] Pray
10] With All My Heart

In the spirit of not having this post take up 100% of this page, I'll wait to share the upcoming tour dates until later tonight, but rest assured I will be attending the March 21st show at El Mocambo in Toronto.

So. That's all for now. But do expect more about the upcoming Hungry Bird and Clem/Eef in general in the coming days. Because I am quite excited for what, based on past experience, I expect to be some variation on a vox-twangin'/nineties fuzzin'/acoustic bumblin' good romp of an album.

Some links, before you go:

Clem Snide on website and on MySpace
429 Records on website
Eef Barzelay on

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